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Wyonics is a scientific innovation company founded in Laramie, Wyoming with the mission to develop sustainable technologies for Wyoming and beyond. We do this by using our expertise spanning the chemical, biological, and materials science fields.


Our partnership brings combined expertise in many fields and industries, including: ionic liquids, biochemistry, electrochemistry, nanomaterials, organic synthesis, inorganic/analytical chemistry, biopolymers, toxicology, pharmacology, rare earth elements, materials, instrumentation, and more... (see the Tech and Team  links above for more information).


Ongoing projects include the development and commercialization of low temperature processes for the extraction and recovery of critical materials from alternative resources (including WY-resources), the development and commercialization of high efficiency, biodegradable filtration materials to combat future pandemics made from natural biopolymers, and the development and commercialization of instrumentation platforms for the non-destructive manipulation and analyses of micro- and nano-sized materials: useful in nuclear forensics, nano-medicine, and semiconductor fabrication.

Wyonics is a member of the Critical Materials Institute, Consortium for Green Manufacturing, and Laramie Chamber Business Alliance.


Though not all of our technologies involve ionic liquids, we chose the name "WYONICS" by combining our passions for both ​Wyoming & Ionic Liquids ("Wy"+"onics"). 

We are always looking for partnerships and joint opportunities.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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