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SAFE Project is a nonprofit in Albany County, Wyoming, that supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and family violence. Speak with an advocate at any time by calling our 24-hour Hotline at (307) 745-3556.


Our vision is a community where people connect without violence, coercion or fear.

Our mission is to advocate for and empower survivors of stalking, intimate partner, family and sexual violence. Our education and awareness efforts are focused on prevention and improved community response.


  1. Respect is the foundation of our vision.  It informs how we work with one another, acknowledge client strengths, and teach the community about healthy sexuality and relationships.

  2. Compassion underlies our interactions with one another, clients and the community.  Compassion for ourselves sustains us in this work.

  3. We empower individuals in order to contribute to overall well-being through self-sufficiency.

  4. Safety, both physical and emotional, is at the center of our organization's mission and vision. Therefore, it is a primary factor in policy formation and service provision.

  5. We realize that our clients and our community rely on us to act with integrity  - legally, ethically and personally. Without trust our work cannot be successful.

  6. Meaningful collaboration among our stakeholders and other community organizations is central to our daily work.

  7. We are committed to social justice because we know that violence does not exist in a vacuum. Without recognizing the complex and multi-faceted challenges facing our clients and our culture, we cannot facilitate meaningful change.

  8. We do not have all the answers and we are not perfect. It is with this knowledge that we commit to regular reflection and growth. This includes learning from clients, volunteers, community partners and the larger movement to improve program philosophy and services.


"SAFE staff has helped me get my life back, free from abuse."

"Working with SAFE was the best thing that I could do for me and my children."

"The people working at SAFE are phenomenal in their training, expertise, and compassion."

"SAFE staff showed love and care for me and my baby."


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